New analysis identifies Brexit as a series of hostile disruptions, but there are opportunities to seize now

Board members are still waiting for the impact of Brexit to hit but now is the time to act, according to new analysis from leading global professional services firm Alvarez & Marsal (A&M). Building on its research with Henley Business School published earlier in the year (‘Boards in Challenging Times: Extraordinary Disruptions’), A&M analysed the boardroom response to Brexit through a series of interviews with seasoned UK executive and non-executive board directors, as listed below.

Brexit: An Extraordinary Disruption – Reflections from the Board Room. Download the full report.

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This analysis found that despite the likelihood that Brexit will take months or years to play out, there are some sectors already experiencing and reacting to the consequences to the referendum. Notably, the research highlights that some private equity funds, which tended to conduct greater quantitative analysis before the result, are already refocusing new investment into the Americas and Asia – seeing the UK and Europe as “too difficult”.

Boards in Challenging Times: Extraordinary Disruptions. Download the full report.

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Other findings reveal a ‘get on with it’ attitude in the British boardroom, with many directors asking that Brexit not be used as an excuse for delaying business decisions or poor performance. One board member interviewed said: “The biggest worry in the short term is that it becomes the totem excuse.”

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