What does it take to be an effective non-executive director?

A podcast from Board Agenda

Our latest podcast features 2020 Sunday Times NED Award winners Bernadette Conroy, Ian Durant and David Rasche on the changing landscape for boards.

As the pandemic threatens the survival of businesses across the world, boards have had to adapt to new ways of working. Gone are the quarterly meetings and ample time for discussion. Non-executives have gathered together more frequently and accelerated decision-making.

Those were just some of the themes underlined when Board Agenda brought together three distinguished non-executives to explore the role of the board and their NEDs during the crisis and over the longer term. They reveal how boards are increasingly under a microscope as investors and stakeholders intensify their scrutiny.

Bernadette Conroy, Ian Durant and David Rasche are all winners in the 2020 Sunday Times NED Awards and have had an opportunity to see boards operating during normal times and during the Covid crisis.

They share their thoughts and experiences on how to be an effective NED with Board Agenda editor Gavin Hinks.

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Listen here (external link)

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