2015 Awards

Sunday Times Coverage – Launch of the Nominations at the House of Commons
Photos from the House of Commons/ 2015 NED Nomination opening

2014 Awards

Photos from the London Stock Exchange/ 2014 NED Nomination opening
London Stock Exchange welcomed The NED Awards to open trading/nominations process

2012/2013 Awards

Sunday Times Coverage – March 2013
Sunday Times Coverage – February 2013
Winner Dr Martin Knight Interviewed by the Sunday Times
NED Awards winners announced

2011 Awards

2011 Non-Executive Director Awards Open For Nominations
Sunday Times Launch Nominations
Bring more women on board
Leading Edge: Success must be the great motivator
Sunday Times interview Ian Church – winner of the Not-for-profit category
Sunday Times interview Nigel Keen – winner of the Quoted Company – Official List category
Sunday Times announces award winners

2010 Awards

Winners 0f 2010 NED Awards Announced
Good Non-execs leave egos at door
Take the Ned route to the top
Standard Life to support the NED Awards – The Sunday Times
NED insights from Sir John Parker
Launch of the Non-Executive Director Awards 2010
NED Awards 2010 launched in The Sunday Times. Nominations opened.
Welcome from Steven Fine
Judging panel confirmed