Judging Process

To ensure the winners for all categories are chosen in an impartial manner, there is a thorough four stage selection process.

Stage 1
A short form nomination is made on-line. Chief executives and senior management, as well as academics, accountants, advisors, analysts, lawyers and charitable trust managers can nominate a Non-Executive Director for any of the categories except Lifetime Achievement which is chosen by the judging panel.

Stage 2
At this stage a senior member of the organisation (normally CEO) is contacted to provide further information on the Non-Executive Director that has been nominated. They are asked to answer a questionnaire (the long form), which analyses the Non-Executive Director’s skills.

Stage 3
We ensure that all of the long and short forms are eligible to be nominated, have been nominated for the correct category and sufficient financial information has been provided. We then narrow the list of nominees per category, this is done by professors from Cranfield School of Management & Henley Business School.

Stage 4
At this point the sponsor of each category has an informal conversation with each nominee and finds out what motivates them, what they feel their strong points are etc. The judges then meet to discuss the nominations at length and a shortlist of three per category is selected, the winner is included in the shortlist.

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